Day One Fitness participates in multiple programs offered through businesses where you may already shop and make purchases. By simply making a small change to your rewards profile, or in your online shopping approach, you can still enjoy all the same products, at no additional cost, while supporting the mission of Day One Fitness.

Kroger is committed to helping communities grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations will earn millions of dollars thanks to its customers! The Community Rewards program makes fund-raising easy. All you have to do is shop online or at your local store and swipe your Loyalty Card and funds will be donated to the organizations of your choosing at no added cost to you.


To get started, sign up with your digital account, and select a local organization you wish to support. Once you are enrolled, you’ll earn rewards for your chosen organization every time you shop and use your Loyalty Card.


For step-by-step instructions on how to link your Loyalty Card to Fighting to Win, Inc. dba Day One Fitness, click here.

We’re excited to earn funds through FlipGive to help us meet our financial needs. Just by making small changes to the way we shop in some areas of our lives, we can earn up to 25% when our teammates and supporters shop popular brands like Walmart, Nike, Starbucks, Under Armour, Groupon, Shutterfly, Expedia,, Buffalo Wild Wings and more.


To support our fundraising campaign:



  1. Visit
  2. Click Shop Now or Donate
  3. If you choose to Shop Now, please select where you would like the cash back earnings to be contributed (please select Team).

Fighting to Win, Inc. is registered through the United Way. Please consider designating Fighting to Win, Inc. when completing your United Way annual pledge through your employer. Funds that are designated to a specific registered organization are processed through United Way and then distributed to the designated organization. Your generous and faithful monthly contribution can help to cover on-going operating costs.

Designation Information:

Fighting to Win, Inc.

257 Beech Island Avenue

Beech Island, SC 29842

Phone: 803-265-1699

Day One Fitness (D1F) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, funded primarily by private donations. Sponsor a D1F fighter for unlimited classes for a month for $140, for the entire year for $1,680, or make a donation in any amount that you choose.

Day One Fitness is proud to have received the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. Access the GuideStar profile for Fighting to Win, Inc., dba Day One Fitness, by clicking on the Platinum Seal image on this page. In addition, donors who manage charitable giving through Fidelity Charitable, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, Schwab Charitable, or BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund, can access their DAF Direct account by clicking on the DAF Direct link (Click Here for DAF Direct). DAF Direct makes it easier to support your favorite charities by giving directly from your donor-advised fund.

What is a DAF?

A DAF is a centralized vehicle for charitable giving that makes it easy for donors to dedicate funds to support their favorite nonprofit organization. It also provides an operationally convenient and tax-efficient method for donors to manage their charitable giving.

With a DAF, charitably inclined individuals, families, and businesses make an irrevocable gift to a public charity that sponsors a donor-advised fund program, and may take an immediate tax deduction. Donors can then recommend grants over time to IRS-qualified 501(c)(3) public charities. DAFs also allow donors to approach their charitable giving thoughtfully by involving other family members or colleagues in their philanthropic decisions. Most DAFs accept donations of long-term appreciated securities and other assets, and donors can advise how the funds are invested, which could potentially allow tax-free growth, and could result in more money for your charity.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the fighters at Day One Fitness. We recognize that people are always looking for ways to become more involved and to help our program continue to have a positive impact on so many lives.


The following list is kept updated as our needs and wishes change. If you are able to supply any of the following items, please contact us via email at



Ongoing Supply Needs

  • Paper Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • First Aid Supplies (Band-Aids, Antibiotic Ointment, etc.)
  • Fine Motor Skills Craft Kits


One-Time Needs

  • Kettlebells – 5 lb (Qty. 8), 8 lb (Qty. 5), 10 lb (Qty. 2), 15 lb (Qty. 2), 20 lb (Qty. 2)
  • Overhead Fans – or (Qty. 2)

You can make a gift today that will support our mission far into the future.


A bequest could be right for you if:

  • Long-term planning is more important to you than an immediate income tax deduction.
  • You want the flexibility of a gift commitment that doesn’t affect your current cash flow.
  • You want us to continue what we are doing today for generations to come.



Please contact your Financial Advisor to help you plan a bequest that will be satisfying, economical and effective in carrying out your wishes.