Volunteer Opportunities

Cornerman or assistant coach

In boxing, every fighter who steps into the ring has a cornerman.  

A cornerman is a person whose job is to assist a boxer at the corner between rounds.

A cornerman encourages their fighter, offering instructions to assist the fighter, and is there to provide emotional support when the fighter is feeling weak.

The cornerman is also the person who gets to join in the victory celebrations, both big and small, right alongside the fighter. 


Many of our fighters participate in our programs alongside a cornerman, which is often their spouse or other family member. There are also several fighters who do not have a cornerman that can participate with them. Volunteers are always needed to step in 



and assist the coaching staff, and to engage with our fighters as their cornermen. Every day is different, and volunteers should be prepared to workout alongside their fighter, or to stand on the sidelines and provide coaching assistance and instruction. Volunteers are trained, and are never asked to assist in an area they are not qualified to assist with.


Volunteering as a cornerman and Assistant Coach is a rewarding experience. As your fighters celebrate victories, you get to join in that celebration and recognize that your support helped to contribute to that victory. For more information on becoming a cornerman and Assistant Coach, visit www.VolunteerMatch.org. Create an account and then search for Day One Fitness in Beech Island, SC. If you already have a login, you can click here to take the first step in becoming a volunteer. 


Certified Coach

Day One Fitness is currently an all-volunteer run organization. We have five certified coaches, but are always looking for opportunities to have additional coaches join our team.


While Day One Fitness provides the necessary training and certification for its coaches, a background in fitness and exercise is a pre-requisite. Those interested in becoming a Day 


One Fitness Coach should be a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through a nationally recognized organizations such as National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) or American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Experience may be substituted in lieu of CPT.

For additional information, please contact us via email at Tambra@DayOneFitness.org.

We look forward to having you join our team!


Operations & Administrative Support

Day One Fitness is currently an all-volunteer run organization. The Executive Director and Coaching staffing all serve the organization as volunteers, which allows us to maintain the participation costs at a reasonable rate. Since insurance does not cover our programs, our fighters pay for our programs out of pocket. However, despite our best efforts to keep operational costs down, we do still have some costs that must be covered by our monthly tuition from our participants. Every effort is made to ensure that no one is unable to participate based on financial limitations.


You can help us to ensure that these programs are available to everyone who could benefit, by helping us to maintain our operating costs as low as possible. This support may come in a variety of methods. If you have experience and a desire to help in a specific area, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We are always seeking assistance in the following areas: office management, book-keeping, IRS and state filings, janitorial services, grant writing, fundraising, business partner relationships and networking, generating awareness, App development, and social event planning for our participants. We are also open to speaking with you about other ideas you may have for serving our fighters. 

To discuss this opportunity with us further, please contact us via email at Tambra@DayOneFitness.org. We look forward to hearing from you!